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Courses & Workshops

Child Physiotherapy

Introduction to Kinesio Taping
£99 p/p

Kinesio Therapy Taping is a rehabilitative taping application method that supports and stabilises joints without restricting range of motion.

This is a half day course and includes 2 rolls of tape.

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foam roller.jpg

Foam Roller Workshop
£45 p/p

A Foam roller is a tool for self myofascial release.  This can be really beneficial to the health and mobility of your body.  Once learned properly, you can manage much of your own restrictions from home without the need to see a therapist.

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Cupping Treatment

Active Cupping Course
£199 p/p

A perfect tool to release those deep, stubborn restricted areas.  This course is aimed at professional Therapists but can anyone with an interest in their own mobility can attend. Please contact us if you are unsure if this course is for you.

Now registering interest for 2024

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