re - hab    /ˈrēˌhab/   Verb   To rehabilitate or restore.

The rehabilitation process for any person who is suffering from pain or an injury is always worrying and frustrating but I can help to get you back in control of that process, get you moving again, decreasing the pain, increase the rate of repair and get you on the right path to full recovery with a comprehensive after-care service which includes exercise and strengthening routines, mobility stretches, nutritional programs and lifestyle advice.  

Working with so many different people everyday keeps us on our toes and ensures that we are constantly learning new techniques and pushing my boundaries.  At The Injury & Rehabilitation Clinic we always look at a person as a whole rather than just addressing the individual injury and bio-mechanics plays a large part in any treatment process.  Together, we will address your posture, mechanics, balance and flexibility before discussing any environmental factors that could be attributing to your pain or injury and then strategically manipulate your soft tissues to allow your body to rebalance and relax into a natural position, relieving pain and discomfort and allowing the healing process to begin.

Are you living with pain?

You are not alone!  It is estimated that over 47% of adults in the U.K. are living with some kind of pain or discomfort on a daily basis.  Whether it is a stiff neck, back pain, a torn muscle, sports injury or a degenerative joint condition, doctors are prescribing millions of pain killers to people everyday, masking the symptoms of an underlying problem without ever treating the cause!

Are you ready to find out how to live without pain and restriction, with freedom to move just as nature intended?

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