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Designed specifically with athletes in mind, Sports Massage will enhance your training program by increasing agility, flexibility and recovery time allowing you to train harder, for longer and decrease the chance of injury.  Each treatment will begin with a thorough consultation where we will examine your posture, range of movement and flexibility and using the findings we will create a tailored massage to rectify any shortfalls in your body balance and then give you a prescription of stretching and exercise to follow up at home between treatments.  Progress will be monitored at every session to help you reach optimum condition.

When things go wrong mechanically with your body it can be very frightening.  Not only because of the excruciating pain that comes with it but also the fear of not being able to get on with your daily life.  Remedial massage is designed to release the tightness that builds up in your muscles and restore the body to a natural balanced state, increasing movement and flexibility and easing the pain and discomfort so that you can move freely and as nature intended.  Each session will include a full postural screening and flexibility test where we will help you to understand why your body became unbalanced and then design a program of stretching and strengthening to speed your recovery.  

At The Clinic we believe that key to a long and healthy life is knowledge.  Our seminars and classes embrace this belief and can be tailored to your specific requirements.  In as little as 30 minutes we can educate, excite and energise any group with a one off interactive seminar or mini workshop or we could set up a weekly stress buster class to help you ease into the weekend.  We offer talks and seminars on all aspects of healthy living from postural analysis, flexibility and stretching, work station ergonomics, talks on  nutrition for health and vitality, self relaxation techniques as well as on-site massage and pamper days.  Whether you are a book club, church congregation or a workforce, we are happy to discuss your needs with no obligation.

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